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What will baby Cowan be????

Today is the big ultrasound day for us. You know, the one where we find out if this growing babe is a third baby boy or a baby girl!! I am SO. EXCITED. However, we won’t be spilling the gender beans until after Easter. We have plans for a fun Easter themed gender reveal at our family party on April 20th. That 11 day wait to share the news may be my undoing. Also, not telling Oren is going to drive me crazy!! It is just too risky telling him, there are some…I won’t mention any names (you know who you are) who would try to pry it out of him and I know he would cave. I mean, he is 6 after all. So, until then, I thought it would be fun to share what all the old wives tales and various other myths have to say this baby is. I’d love to get your input as well so please leave a comment! 😉


Family guesses:

Jeremy- GIRL

Oren- GIRL

Ephram- Has no idea how his life is about to change, my sweet momma’s boy.

Me- I keep that a secret until after since they say that mother’s intuition is 70% right we don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage in our little guessing game. 😉

aunt LeAnn- GIRL

uncle Jason- GIRL

aunt Sharon- GIRL

Granna- GIRL

Paw-Paw- “one of each” (for the record, there is only one in there and he knows it!)

uncle Jacob- BOY

Seems to me there is some wishful thinking going on here!! I’m happy to have another beautiful baby no matter the gender.

And because I hate to leave a post with no photos here are a few. My 8 week ultrasound and a few belly shots. Today I am 18 weeks 4 days. I’ll do another belly shot at 19 or 20 weeks.





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