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Almost every summer our family will gather at a beach house in Galveston for at least a few days. I’m SO glad we were able to go this year, it was nice to get away and forget about other obligations for a bit.

I have over 300 photos from our trip and I would love to share them all but that would just be ridiculous in a blog post! So, here are a few from one evening right before sunset.

Also, I’m still pregnant and waiting as patiently as I know how for him to make his debut. 39 weeks tomorrow but I feel like I’m overdue!! Whether he decides to come now or late, the next edition of “a day in the life” will be introducing my newest little fellow and I cannot wait!!!:)
These next two photos are here to give you a clear picture that Ephram was NOT in water that was too deep for him. They were in very shallow, still, water.
In the following photo of Oren you can see that Ephram slipped and went under. It was literally a SPLIT second before his daddy was right there scooping him up. He was perfectly fine, even though seeing the photo is slightly terrifying!!!
 That face though, sweet baby. He just needed a hug.
 Our fishermen, paw-paw & James, enjoying a peaceful moment…

 Until accidentally catching a Pelican!!!! It was certainly an interesting end to our day.

 Be sure to follow the blog circle over to my talented friend Lori Frederick. Seriously, go check it out, her post is beautiful! And if you haven’t already like her on facebook!!
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  • Jessica Rogers - Your family is beautiful! I love how you have captured your boys’s spirits in each shot. Really lovely, friend!ReplyCancel

These boys wait all day long for the moment their daddy comes home so they can wrestle. I think it is their favorite part of the whole day and I love getting to sit back and watch them play together. On this day I decided it was high time I actually pull the big camera out and document it. Yes, the two of them are typically in only their underwear, every single day. Actually we are lucky if Ephram has any clothes on at all. He hates to have anything on. It doesn’t matter how or when I dress him, by days end all clothes are gone. Saves on laundry I suppose. 😉

So, this is my “a day in the life” for July. Depending on when our newest little boy decides to make his appearance I may not be posting for August or I may even be posting a photo of him! Who knows. I’m due September 6th but my doc has a feeling I may not make it that far. Either way I’m very excited and cannot wait to add another baby boy to the beautiful chaos of our home.
Be sure to follow the blog circle around to my talented friend Bjorna. She is sharing some beautiful film images of her little boy this month! Click here to check out her post.
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  • Jessica Rogers - This is amazing! Very inspiring and beautiful captures of your family. I need to do this more with my own little guy. Perfection! Keep up the amazing work!ReplyCancel

    • Denise - Thanks Jessica! I need to get caught up on all my personal blogging. It is so easy to get behind on our own photos with all the work we have for our clients. :)ReplyCancel

When Beckie contacted me during her pregnancy about scheduling photos of her newest daughter I was thrilled. I’ve known Adaylnn’s mommy for at least half of my life and have many memories attached to her and my teen years. 😉

It is always such an honor when a friend comes to me for photos. She wanted creative newborn photography, and even though it was a bit of a drive, was happy to make the trip to my Katy, Texas studio. We had fun chatting about all kinds of things and I just loved having her sweet girls in front of my camera.  Beckie gave me free reign, which is always blast for me. We talked about some of her favorite colors and just let it flow from there.

This little doll was the perfect model during her newborn photos and slept like a dream, allowing me to do all kinds of poses and never batting an eyelash. She certainly wins the award for easiest baby of 2014! Ten days tends to be a perfect time for newborn photos with me.

Natural Newborn Photography in Katy Texas by Denise Cowan PhotographyPINIMAGE

The beautiful tieback, picture above, was made by the crazy talented Little Acorn Props! I just love working with Savanna and highly recommend her for newborn props.

newborn in wire basket with coral blanket katy tx baby photographerPINIMAGE

Creative Newborn Photography Katy TexasPINIMAGE

Little miss cracked a few smiles throughout the session. Most of the time I am able to catch these smiles so quickly that mom never even knows when they happen, saving these sweet surprises for the gallery reveal.

newborn girl in basket west houston photographyPINIMAGE

The bonnet you see in the photos was made by the same vendor, Little Acorn Props. The lovely colorful knit blanket is from Simplistic By Sondra.

west houston newborn photoraphy by denise cowan photographyPINIMAGE

newborn wearing tiara katy texas photographyPINIMAGE

Big sister Ava was so gentle and perfect with Adalynn for the sibling shots. As a mom of three little boys, I know how special it is to have a photo of all my babies together and love when it comes together so beautifully for my clients.siblings in white katy texas studio newborn photographerPINIMAGEsisters in white newborn photographer west houstonPINIMAGEgirl in white west houston photographyPINIMAGE


Early pregnancy is the best time to book your newborn session so please don’t delay, however, I do my best to fit anyone in at anytime. Don’t miss out on having newborn photos for any reason, they are only this tiny for a moment, be sure to have it documented. Contact me today!

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  • Jessica Rogers - These are absolutely stunning! I love your sibling shots. Simply stunning. Your newborn work is really beautiful. :)ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne Taylor - Love the sibling shot. Just beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Weiss - Every single one of these is precious! You do an excellent job with newborns!ReplyCancel

    • Denise - Thank you Jamie, I really love newborn photography!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Jarrett - These are gorgeous newborn photos, you are so talented! The sibling photography is amazing, I love big sister holding her newborn sister…parents must be thrilled with them! Congratulations to the new family!ReplyCancel

  • harshita - love the use the gorgeous spring colors..specially coral with cream..beautiful posingReplyCancel

    • Denise - Thanks! I love coral and it looked so pretty with her skin tone.ReplyCancel

  • Corey - Beautiful newborn session! Love the ones of baby girl and big sister!ReplyCancel

    • Denise - Thank you Corey! She was such a proud big sister, made those sibling shots a breeze.ReplyCancel

One of my favorite things we do as a family is go on these little walks in the evening after daddy gets home from work.

The boys LOVE it and Ephram never wants to go home. He would keep going and going. Convincing him to turn around and head home is often a struggle. On this day Oren was the one that wasn’t too interested in turning around to go back, as you will be able to tell when you see the last few photos!:)

I always have my cell phone with me for snapshots during our outings but I’m bad about grabbing my big camera when we head out the door. I’m so glad I did on this day. There is even a self-portrait of my 22 week baby belly. (I’m nearly 26 weeks now)

(check out my personal instagram for more shots of our daily activities!)

Really feeling like I could do a whole session for someone around these areas!!

When you’ve finished this post be sure to follow the circle around to my sweet friend Jeanna!


Treasures. My boys and the things Ephram brought me during the course of our walk. Hard to believe that in 14 weeks I’ll have another sweet boy to add to these photos! The time is really flying by this pregnancy and I’d like it to slow down a bit.


We haven’t walked in a while it seems. It has been raining a lot lately and the mosquitos are out and love to eat my littlest alive. I’m also not looking forward to the incredible heat that comes with a Texas summer, especially being pregnant during it!

Now please take a moment to check out what a day in the life looks like for Jeanna. Also, be sure to find her on facebook for more of her beautiful lifestyle photos.

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Today is the big ultrasound day for us. You know, the one where we find out if this growing babe is a third baby boy or a baby girl!! I am SO. EXCITED. However, we won’t be spilling the gender beans until after Easter. We have plans for a fun Easter themed gender reveal at our family party on April 20th. That 11 day wait to share the news may be my undoing. Also, not telling Oren is going to drive me crazy!! It is just too risky telling him, there are some…I won’t mention any names (you know who you are) who would try to pry it out of him and I know he would cave. I mean, he is 6 after all. So, until then, I thought it would be fun to share what all the old wives tales and various other myths have to say this baby is. I’d love to get your input as well so please leave a comment! 😉


Family guesses:

Jeremy- GIRL

Oren- GIRL

Ephram- Has no idea how his life is about to change, my sweet momma’s boy.

Me- I keep that a secret until after since they say that mother’s intuition is 70% right we don’t want anyone to have an unfair advantage in our little guessing game. 😉

aunt LeAnn- GIRL

uncle Jason- GIRL

aunt Sharon- GIRL

Granna- GIRL

Paw-Paw- “one of each” (for the record, there is only one in there and he knows it!)

uncle Jacob- BOY

Seems to me there is some wishful thinking going on here!! I’m happy to have another beautiful baby no matter the gender.

And because I hate to leave a post with no photos here are a few. My 8 week ultrasound and a few belly shots. Today I am 18 weeks 4 days. I’ll do another belly shot at 19 or 20 weeks.



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