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Beauty Revived – Scarlett

Beauty Revived – Scarlett

The 50 Beautiful Children Campaign

When I was a young girl, I felt so free.  No worries and no care in the world.  I would play in the yard, visit friends, and just be little.  Be little.  What depth that means to me now, especially having kids of my own.  How I pray for my kids to stay little in their minds, hearts, and souls for as long as God will allow.  Meeting Scarlett, she was not anything different.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Vibrant personality, beautiful physically, sweet as the day is long, and just full of life.  Upon meeting her, you would never guess what all she has been through.

Seizures.  They started when she was a young 4 months old.  Fast forward to the present and over the course of her young 6 years earth side, and at the time of her session, she’s had a total of 112 of them.  You can read and purchase the magazine with her full story here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1154884

That story is so worth reading.  HER story is so worth reading.  To overcome such a great battle in such short years makes her such an inspiration.  Not to mention the advances in modern medicine and the hope and opportunity that modern medicine gives children like sweet Scarlett.  However, I want to mention how incredible all of that is, but what’s MORE incredible is Scarlett herself.  Not Scarlett that has seizures.  But Scarlett and her sweet little soul.

Happy, full of life, and joyful.  Those are some of my very favorite things about Scarlett.  I want to celebrate her and all that she has overcome.  I hope her sweet mama sees these pictures and that they are a testament of the light that she is.  I was honored to do these for this beautiful family. <3

beauty-revived-50-beautiful-children-houstonPINIMAGEbeauty-revived-children-houstonPINIMAGEdreamy-in-the-clouds-session-katy-texasPINIMAGEBeauty RevivedPINIMAGErainbow-cloud-session-houstonPINIMAGErainbow-baby-houstonPINIMAGE

I was so honored to be chosen as a photographer for this project with Beauty Revived. This was my second time working with them on a campaign and both experiences have taught me so much. Fellow photographers, I would really encourage you to apply to be a part of one of their next campaigns!!



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